Trucks Accident Lawyer in California

Semi-Trucks Accident Lawyer in California

Semi-Trucks Accident Lawyer in California

Big trucks like semi-trucks and 18-wheelers are more dangerous to drivers than regular cars. Because they are so much bigger and heavier than conventional cars, it is more likely that the people inside the smaller car will have serious or traumatic injuries in a collision with a semi.

You might be able to make a claim against those accountable for this kind of disaster if you were on the road when a truck accident happened. You’ll need an accomplished semi-truck accident lawyer on your side if you want to prevail in your case.

What Does the “Black Box” in the Truck Track, and What Is It?

The term “black box” refers to the digital onboard recorder that many commercial trucks have recently been fitted with.

When an accident happens, this device gathers data that can be very useful to accident investigators since it frequently sheds light on what went wrong. The information obtained by this box during an accident involving a semi-truck may be crucial in figuring out what happened and who was to blame.

The “black box” keeps track of the truck’s speed, braking performance, steering input, use of its turn signals, and other details.

Experts who can examine this data and identify potential contributing factors are available to Ernst Law Group. In order to prevent it from being lost or overwritten, it is crucial to get this information as soon as possible. (Semi-Trucks Accident Lawyer in California )

Trucks Accident Lawyer in California
Trucks Accident Lawyer in California

How to Respond to a Truck Accident

A truck accident can leave the scene in a very chaotic state. To safeguard both your health and your entitlement to compensation, do these six simple steps:

Have your car moved

If it is possible, relocate your car away from the flow of traffic. If you stay on the road, you run the risk of getting hit again or hurting yourself worse.

You should skip this step if you or anyone else within the car is badly hurt since it is more crucial that you avoid endangering anyone else.(Semi-Trucks Accident Lawyer in California )

Being inside the car can be risky. It can result in a pile-up accident if you do not relocate it as soon as you are able to. Prior to moving the car, you should, if at all feasible, take pictures of the incident to support your claim.

File an Accident Report

After a truck collision, you need to report the incident as quickly as you can to safeguard your legal rights. Ernst Law Group may still be able to assist you in submitting a claim for damages even without a police report, but it will be much more challenging and challenging.

In California, you are required by law to report a collision to the police, even if the damage is minimal. This is due to the fact that any truck accident will result in car damage that is greater than $500 (the minimum amount needed to warrant calling the police) and that the police will need to divert traffic while the accident is handled.

Speak with a doctor

After a truck collision, it’s crucial to get medical help right away, even if you don’t think you’re hurt. This is only for your own safety. Ernst Law Group will then have the supporting evidence for your claim.

Calling an ambulance for help should be your first course of action if you are seriously hurt.

After the police have released you from the scene of the truck collision, always proceed to an emergency room. You could have wounds that aren’t yet manifesting as symptoms. Whiplash, internal bleeding, and severe brain damage might take hours or days to manifest.

There might have been permanent harm by then.

Gather Information

Following a truck collision, gathering evidence is essential. Even though Ernst Law Group has specialized investigators who can compile evidence to back up your claim, you should still obtain any further supporting documentation.(Semi-Trucks Accident Lawyer in California )

If you can, write down the names of everyone you speak with and obtain their contact information. Additionally, you ought to document the incident with pictures and note any witnesses.

Additionally, make an effort to document happenings. You can use this to reconstruct the sequence of events later on in your damage claim.

Although gathering these information might seem apparent, it is possible to forget basic recommendations like this in the commotion that follows an accident. Therefore, every driver should be familiar with these procedures before getting into an accident.

Listen Carefully

You must be sure to look out for your own interests.

Saying things like “I’m alright,” “It’s fine,” etc. could result in the loss of your right to compensation. This is so that they can claim that you weren’t hurt based on this information. Even if you hadn’t yet had a medical examination, this could invalidate any potential claims you might make for damages.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that Ernst Law Group will be on your side, so don’t allow this deter you from submitting a claim if you were actually hurt and unintentionally said something that might have been misunderstood.(Semi-Trucks Accident Lawyer in California )

Speak With A Truck Accident Attorney in California

To speak with a specialist who can assist you in submitting your claim, contact Ernst Law Group. Let us assist you right away. We have a lot of expertise resolving truck accident cases for clients all around California.

Typical Reasons For Truck Accidents


Speeding Every day, speeding contributes to truck accidents. A truck driver may lose control of their vehicle and directly collide with another vehicle or object if they are traveling too quickly.

In California, the majority of the state’s roadways have a 55 mph restriction for trucks, therefore going too fast can be quite risky. Additionally, it can reduce the engine’s lifespan, which increases the risk of a trucker losing control.(Semi-Trucks Accident Lawyer in California )

Dialed-In Driving

All types of driving involve distractions, but truck driving has a reputation for being particularly risky because of the size and mass of their vehicles.

Before attempting to change lanes or quickly slow down, drivers should always make sure there is a clear route. However, distractions like text messages, GPS directions, and truck passengers may prevent them from taking these safety measures.

Any type of distraction while operating an 18-wheeler increases the risk of an unexpected collision with another vehicle or object.(Semi-Trucks Accident Lawyer in California )

Reckless or aggressive driving

On the road, truck drivers experience a lot of stress, and some of them decide to cope by acting aggressively.(Semi-Trucks Accident Lawyer in California )

This can involve excessive honking, tailgating, and not allowing other cars to change lanes. Truck drivers have been known to suddenly apply the brakes or maneuver a car out of the path on purpose in specific circumstances.

Aggressive driving can lead a motorist to lose control of both their car and other vehicles on the road.

Drained driver

The maximum number of hours a truck driver is permitted to be behind the wheel is subject to tight regulations. Regardless of the time of day, truckers are required to take 14-hour rest intervals and are only permitted to drive a maximum of 11 hours in a single 24-hour period.

Over-driving is risky for a variety of reasons, including heightened weariness that can cause slower reflexes and delayed judgement.(Semi-Trucks Accident Lawyer in California )

In addition to being less inclined to make wise decisions, fatigued drivers sometimes have trouble controlling their heavy trucks.

Unfavorable Weather Conditions

Unfavorable weather is another frequent factor in truck accidents. Truck drivers should constantly be ready for situations like this, especially at night.

In an effort to avoid colliding with other vehicles, drivers risk losing control of their cars and veering into other lanes or into other objects if they don’t operate them properly.

Inexperienced Drivers

Always err on the side of caution.

Even after receiving your certification, it’s crucial to adhere to the regulations that drivers must follow in order to pass their commercial driver’s license tests.

When learning how to operate their 18-wheelers, drivers who don’t receive the required training or who skimp on their education run the risk of becoming involved in a variety of road accidents.

Many trucking businesses skimp on driver training because their primary concern is profit rather than safety.(Semi-Trucks Accident Lawyer in California )

Overloaded freight

Overloaded freight from businesses might lead to major issues on the road. It might be incredibly weighty and throw the car out of alignment, which would make it handle curves and bumps in the road improperly.(Semi-Trucks Accident Lawyer in California )

Overloaded cargo may move as a driver man-oeuvres their truck onto other roadways, leading them to lose control and collide with other cars.

If a corporation overloads its cargo or fails to properly secure it, it might cause an accident to happen if the vehicle begins swerving violently back and forth.

Mechanical Failures

Even the most well-maintained truck could break down on the side of the road.

Drivers must always be aware of warning signals that their vehicle is experiencing troubles and should try to find a safe area on the road to halt. If there are any major mechanical concerns, it’s crucial to seek for assistance so other people on the road are safe.

Sometimes mechanical problems happen in an instant owing to incorrectly installed parts or product liability issues. These can cause life-altering injuries.

Drunk Driving

It’s prohibited for anyone to drive with a blood alcohol percentage of 0.08% or more, and this applies to truck drivers as well.(Semi-Trucks Accident Lawyer in California )

In fact, federal authorities go further to specify that truck drivers are not permitted to consume any alcohol within four hours of hitting the road.

Common Types Of Truck Accident Injuries

While there are various reasons of tractor-trailer accidents, the accompanying injuries can be very devastating. A truck can easily cause catastrophic damage to any car it collides with because to the size and weight disparity between it and other vehicles on the road.

After being struck by a truck, drivers may experience shattered bones, back problems, brain injuries, facial abrasions, paralysis, and other severe health conditions.

In the event of a collision with a semi-truck or an 18-wheeler, it is crucial to seek medical assistance right once. Your doctor will examine your injuries in detail and decide what kinds of treatments are required for your situation.(Semi-Trucks Accident Lawyer in California )

Your insurance provider might decline to cover related medical expenses if you contributed to the accident in any way. You need a skilled California semi truck accident attorney who will fight for your right to compensation.

How Much Does Hiring A Truck Accident Attorney Cost?

The truck accident lawyers at Ernst Law Group take cases on a contingency fee basis. Simply put, this implies that you won’t have to pay legal costs unless your lawsuit is won or settled. If you don’t pay, we don’t.(Semi-Trucks Accident Lawyer in California )

That being the case, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by hiring our truck accident attorneys.

What Is The Standard California Car Accident Settlement?

In California, there is no standard settlement amount for any form of auto accident. This is due to the fact that every situation is unique.

Truck accident settlements are determined by:

  • The harms and losses you sustained. This is worth far more than a fractured ankle if a loved one had passed away.
  • Your current medical costs and the anticipated future costs of the accident. For instance, if surgery was necessary, this will be included in your settlement.
  • Your settlement amount will also be influenced by whether you contributed to the accident in some way or whether the other motorist was judged to be at blame.
  • The price of hiring a truck accident attorney with experience. Since this cost is already included in our charge and we are only paid if you are successful, there is no risk on your part.
  • We have worked on instances that resulted in millions of dollars in damages being awarded to our clients. At Ernst Law Group, we priorities obtaining the highest possible settlement for your injury.

What Losses Am I Entitled To Following A Truck Accident?

Economic Harm

The expenses you have incurred as a result of your injury are known as economic damages. This comprises:

  • the current and future costs associated with your medical care;
  • lost wages (if you are unable to work); and
  • damage to property (repair or replacement of any items that were damaged as a result of the accident).

Damages Not Economic

Non-economic harms are just as significant but are harder to measure. This group can consist of:

Loss of enjoyment from life, emotional turmoil, and pain and suffering. (Semi-Trucks Accident Lawyer in California )

Retaliatory Damages

Punitive damages are given when the opposing party’s careless or negligent actions were so egregious that they merited additional sanctions. This is only granted when the defendant’s moral guilt warrants a harsher sentence than just covering your expenses.

Maximum Results For Victims Of Truck Crash

Although we are aware that no amount of money will make up for a lost loved one or heal your wounds, our aim is to secure for you the maximum amount of compensation.

This could imply that we’ll haggle with the insurance provider to secure a greater settlement for you. In the event that this is unsuccessful, we may also go to court to defend your rights as a truck accident victim.(Semi-Trucks Accident Lawyer in California )

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