Have You Been Injured In A Truck Accident In New York

Have You Been Injured In A Truck Accident In New York?|18 Wheeler Truck Accident Lawyer ?

18 Wheeler Truck Accident Lawyer In New York?

Did a semi-truck strike you on the I-10 as it traveled into New York?

Perhaps while returning from an game you were injured in a truck accident?
Maybe you was side-swiped by an Amazon truck when you were parked on W 18th Street.
Your fight against the trucking firm and insurers will be difficult no matter how your New York truck accident happened. This is why you need a New York truck accident lawyer fighting for you in your corner.

Today, there are a lot of serious accidents in New York due to the increasing number of commercial trucks on the roadways. A truck accident may be traumatic for victims and their families, whether it involves a huge 18-wheeler, a tractor-trailer, or a delivery truck like a UPS, FedEx, or Amazon truck.

Absolutely no money is required to receive a private case evaluation from our group of renowned New York personal injury lawyers. Additionally, if you decide to work with us, you won’t have to pay anything until after we’ve won your case!

Have You Been Injured In A Truck Accident In New York
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Key Questions for Victims of Truck Accidents

Although you might not be aware of your legal rights or the compensation to which you are entitled, it is our responsibility to do so! We are here to help because we are aware of how quickly the bills may mount. To earn you the most money possible for your vehicle crash, our investigators piece together its causes.

When we meet with our clients, we often ask them the following questions:

  • Were there any fatalities or injuries?
  • How much property damage has occurred?
  • At the scene, did you provide the police with a statement?
  • Did the police summon the truck driver or make an arrest?
  • Do you have to pay for insurance and medical bills?
  • Do you require continuing care?
  • Did you have to skip work and forfeit your pay?
  • Do you experience persistent discomfort or impairment?
  • What do you recall happening just before the collision?
  • Even when victims of truck accidents are certain they weren’t at blame for the accident, it can be difficult to pursue justice and compensation on your own.

A good lawyer do extensive research and gather all the data required to support your claim following an accident. We’ll take care of it if the truck driver or the trucking firm can be held accountable.

Auto Accident Lawyer
18 Wheeler Truck Accident Lawyer In New York?

Don’t take the chance of not making a full recovery simply because you choose not to employ the legal assistance that was offered to you.

How to Respond to a Truck Accident (7 Steps)

Sadly, truck accidents in New York can cause more serious injuries than the usual auto collision. Liability in truck accidents is more difficult. Trucking businesses will attempt to avoid responsibility and take advantage of you with the help of their lawyers and insurance adjusters.

Don’t wait to take legal action if a truck driver or trucking company’s negligence caused your injuries.

Keep from being punched when you’re down.

A good lawyer knowledgeable, aggressive legal team is prepared to defend you. Let your claim be the next one we successfully settle after handling hundreds of truck accident claims!

If you were hurt in a New York semi-truck accident, get in touch right now. Our doors are open to each and every one of the millions of drivers that use the nearly 73,000 miles of highways throughout Texas.

Why Do Semi Truck Accidents Happen in New York?

New York’s truck accident causes

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Texas has, for at least 11 years running, had the highest annual rate of fatal commercial vehicle accidents of any state. What are the primary reasons for truck collisions?

Speeding – Although everyone has deadlines to meet at work, truck drivers should never hurry. Since semi trucks need more space to stop completely than other vehicles, they actually need to drive much more cautiously than the average motorist.

driving while distracted and multitasking Truck drivers could be tempted to grab a snack, make a call, or mess with their radios or mobile devices because to the lengthy trips and strict deadlines. However, multitasking when operating a truck means that the driver’s focus is not on the road in front of him or her. Accidentally, a small car and a large truck collide when the drivers aren’t paying attention. Up to a $2,750 fine and possible license suspension are among the FMCSA’s penalties for texting and driving a commercial truck. According to statistics, texting truck drivers are 23 times more likely to cause an accident, which is why the FMCSA has instituted a rigorous texting restriction for truck drivers.

Drunk driving or drug use: According to the Texas Department of Transportation, alcohol was a factor in nearly 1,600 collisions in a single year, resulting in up to 708 injuries. The maximum blood alcohol content (BAC) for truck drivers is.04 percent, according to the FMCSA. The limit for other drivers is.08%. This tougher threshold is necessary because operating a commercial vehicle is already riskier than operating a car.

Poor road conditions include more than simply inclement weather. Locals make fun of New York’s perpetual road construction, but truck accidents can be caused by a variety of factors, including inadequate signage, roadwork crews, bad design, and incorrect road maintenance.

incorrect freight loading The weight of a typical automobile is around 4,000 pounds. A fully loaded semi truck, however, might weigh as much as 80,000 pounds! To help control this weight, the FMCSA has established guidelines for cargo securement. If these regulations and weight restrictions are not adhered to, trucks may become ungainly or out of balance. Trucking businesses frequently employ independent cargo loaders who could be held liable in the event of a cargo spill.

Blind spots: The blind spots on larger cars are larger. The massive size of trucks limits the visibility of their drivers. So how can you know whether you’re outside of a trucker’s “no zone”? A truck should not be driven parallel to unless it is absolutely required. If you can, move over or follow them in your car.

Truck components with flaws – Dangerous equipment has flaws. Every time a commercial truck arrives back from a job or leaves one, it needs to be thoroughly examined, but trucking companies occasionally forget this duty. A serious collision might be brought on by a faulty truck component.

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